Pet carrier says it will sell pet food, dog food and dog biscuits online

A pet carrier company has said it will open an online pet food and pet biscuits business in Queensland after losing a bid for a licence to operate in the state.

Key points:Pet carrier company Kato Group said it would start selling pet food onlineThe Queensland Government said it had given permission for the company to open its first online pet storePet food and biscuits will be available for purchase onlinePet carriers will be offered by a variety of pet food manufacturers in the StateThe company said it was in the process of securing a Queensland licence to sell pet foods and pet biscuit brands in Queensland and the Government had granted it permission for Kato to open a shop in Queensland.

“We have secured the Queensland Government’s permission to operate our first online store for pet food in Queensland,” Kato president Michael Kato said.

“The Queensland Pet Food Licensing Agency (PPFA) granted our application to operate an online store on December 20, 2018.”

Our first store will be at the end of the month in Brisbane.

“While we’re keen to start selling our products and services locally, we will be operating our store in Queensland in the near future.”

This is a great opportunity to make Queensland the best place to buy pet food.

“People in Queensland are passionate about their pets and we are looking forward to seeing the positive changes we are making to our state.”

Key pointsThe Queensland Minister for Agriculture and Food, Peter Prahran, said pet food was “one of the most popular and most important food items in the Queensland market”The government said it has granted permission for pet carrier to open an Australian pet food store in BrisbanePet carriers are offered by several pet food companies in Queensland, with Kato, Oasis, PetFood and others expected to launch their first online shops in the coming months.

“These are the only online pet supply retailers that will be selling pet supplies in Queensland for the foreseeable future,” Mr Prahras said.