How to stop pet shops from killing pets

The next time you’re out shopping, consider pet store employees or customers as the cause of an illness or death.

There are several ways to combat pet shop neglect.

You can buy pet supplies, such as dog treats and flea treatments, at pet shops.

Or you can shop at local pet stores, which are usually open for business and do not have a pet shop.

You might also consider hiring a professional to handle pet shop business.

“It is imperative that pet stores and pet adoption agencies maintain and enforce policies and practices to prevent the pet shop from being a breeding ground for pet shop disease outbreaks,” the American Veterinary Medical Association said in a report last year.

Pet store employees can also be responsible for protecting their dogs and cats from illness.

“You can use any methods necessary to prevent pet shop staff from contracting illness or neglect, such the use of a leash, leash laces, collars, and/or collar patches,” the AVMA said.