Pete Sutcliffe: The man who made Portland’s Pets pet industry into a global business

Pete Sutcliff started out selling dog toys in Portland’s downtown mall.

Then he became the first person in the world to sell pet food.

Then, he bought the Portland Pet Store in 1971, one of the first major pet stores in the US.

Today, the Portland store has more than a billion pet food orders annually.

Sutcliffe said it wasn’t until 1989 that Portland became the only US city to have a pet store.

He’s the owner of a number of other pet shops in Oregon and Washington.

“It’s kind of a strange thing to be talking about this because pet stores are kind of like a cross between McDonalds and Sears.

People think they’re both the same thing.

They’re both restaurants, but they’re really two different things,” he said.

“They’re a business.

They were started by people that wanted to make a living.”

Sutcliffe’s businesses are big business.

He says he earns around $5 million a year selling pet food to the public.

Pet food is a big part of the pet food industry.

In the last five years, pet food companies have grown more than 50 percent in size, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The American Pet Products Association says pet food sales grew from $6.4 billion in 1999 to $9.3 billion in 2013.

Pet Food Sales in US and WorldwidePet Food sales grew by more than 150 percent between 2000 and 2013, according the Food & Drug AdministrationThe average American eats just over 3 pounds of pet food a year, according data from the Food Marketing Institute.

This is up from just under 2 pounds in 1999.

Pet owners are paying more than $3,000 a year for pet food, according a 2014 report by the Consumer Reports Institute.

That’s about 2.3 percent of the US economy.

But Sutcliffe says pet sales are also growing in the developing world, which is changing how the pet industry operates.

Pet ownership is growing rapidly in many countries, he said, and the pet-friendly pet-food companies are becoming bigger.

“The food industry in the developed world is starting to look at pet food in a different way than the food industry is looking at it in the United States,” Sutcliffe told CNN.

He added that there’s a big difference between what’s considered healthy for dogs and cats, and what people in developed countries think is healthy for cats.

Pet sales in the U.S. have grown to an estimated $8 billion annually, according