Trump blasts ‘fake news’ in campaign rally, says the GOP is ‘dying’

Donald Trump on Tuesday said that the GOP establishment and its media allies are “dying” as he blasted the media as “fake news” and a “cancer” of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump, who held a rally in Pennsylvania at which he attacked his Republican rivals, attacked the media for “stealing” the election from him and said that it was “the cancer” of a Democratic Party that was “so weak.”

Trump repeatedly used a metaphor to attack the media and its coverage of his candidacy, calling it “the biggest cancer of the last two years.”

Trump said the media is “died” and he will “never, ever allow” his campaign to become “fake.”

“It is the biggest cancer in the last couple of years,” Trump said, before continuing, “We’ve got a lot of fake news.

We’ve got fake, dishonest news.”

Trump also said he will be a “great president” if he gets the chance to serve.

“I’ll be a great president if I get the chance,” Trump told a cheering crowd in the Pennsylvania suburb of Altoona.

“This will be our last big election.

We will not be taking any more.”

In a tweet, he also said the Democratic National Committee, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, CNN and others were all “corrosive to our democracy” and should be “shut down.”

Trump’s attacks on the media followed a series of negative comments he made against the media.

He called the media “disgusting” in an April interview with Fox News and said in a separate interview with The Washington Post that the media was “fake” and “dirty.”

In the same interview, Trump also called NBC “fake,” and said, “I’m gonna make a decision about my TV station tomorrow.”

Trump has also lashed out at media outlets for their coverage of the presidential campaign and said it was an attack on the press.

In a March tweet, Trump said the network “is a disgrace to the Republican Party and its voters” and suggested it should be shut down.

He also said that he will not have the power to stop NBC from doing what he wants.

Trump also lashed at the media in an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday, saying that the network was “dead and buried.”

“They are dead and buried,” he said.

“They’ve lost all credibility.”

Trump added that the Democratic Party is “dead, dead, dead.”

“There’s no doubt they are the real enemy of the American people, and they are killing our country,” Trump added.