Pet Vacuum is now the new Pet Pro

In the first week of March, Pet Vacuums Pet Pro was announced as the newest Pet Pro, a cross-over device that uses the same patented technology as Pet Vaculums Pet, but with an added $50 discount.

The Pet Pro’s predecessor was the Pet Vac, which launched in September 2016. 

As we mentioned in our Pet Vac Pro review, Pet Pet is the brand that made Pet Vac. 

Petr has also built a reputation as one of the best vacuums on the market. 

But as of March 3, Pet Vet is taking the brand away from Pet Pet and making it its own. 

That is a bold move that could lead to a much more competitive product.

Pet Vet has also announced a $100,000 Series B round of funding, which will allow them to expand their product line and invest in new manufacturing facilities. 

In order to make Pet Vet’s products more appealing to consumers, PetVet is bringing in a $2,000 discount on all Pet Vet products. 

This means the $2.00 Pet Vac will now be $50 cheaper than the Pet Vet Pet Pro. 

“The Pet Vet brand has always been at the forefront of pet care products, but it has never been a pure vacuum,” Pet Vet CEO John Stokan told us.

“Pet Vet’s goal is to provide a pet owner with a more affordable option that will appeal to pet owners who want a clean, easy, and safe pet solution.”

The Pet Pet brand is the name that Pet Vet has used for decades, but they’ve been trying to make it easier to differentiate their products from the competition. 

Now, they’re finally getting their first clear shot at that goal. 

Stokan added that Pet Pet was never going to be a household name, and now they’re at a place where it’s time to step up to the plate. 

Pet Vet plans to launch their new product at its upcoming launch event, which is slated for April 25. 

For those that are still holding out hope that Pet Vets Pet Pro will make a comeback, the answer is no. 

If you’re interested in buying a Pet Vet product, be sure to check out the PetVets Pet website. 

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(Photos courtesy of Pet Vet)