How to find a petting vet

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a pet therapy vet.

Petting a pet is the most common type of therapy, but it is not a guaranteed solution. 

The best way to choose the right petting veterinarian is to understand what the vets opinion is on the topic.

Pet therapy is a type of veterinary medicine, which can be a challenge to understand. 

To help you navigate this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 petting vets in Italy. 

We’ve also included a quick guide on where to find the best petting options in your area. 


Peta Cacciari Pet therapy in Italy Pet therapy has been a growing trend in Italy in recent years, with more and more hospitals offering treatment for pets.

It has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, but the average wait time for a therapy appointment can be up to seven months, depending on the size of the patient. 

A common complaint is that the pet owners are too busy with their own lives to visit their pets, so pet therapy is usually reserved for longer-term, more important patients. 

Pet therapists have different roles, but they are generally specialists who work on a case-by-case basis. 

There are also pet-friendly facilities in most major Italian cities, where pets are treated in private rooms or even on the street.

If you want to learn more about pet therapy in general, take a look at our guide on the best dog and cat therapy in the world. 


Peti del Petri Peti del Pertoba is a pet spa in Pisa, Italy.

The Peti Del Petri pet spa is located on the outskirts of Pisa and is a major hub for pet therapy.

For those who are not used to pet therapy, the pet therapy process involves the use of the pet’s body language, body movements, and facial expressions to help determine what is best for the pet.

Some pet therapists can even diagnose diseases that have not yet been found in a pet, which could be a boon for patients with arthritis, allergies, or other health conditions. 


Petri del Petra Petri del Prenta is the second-largest pet spa, with over 600 patients.

Pet therapist Petri Del Petra is located in a large, modern building in the center of Prento, Italy and it’s the most popular place to find pet therapy appointments.

They are known for offering a variety of treatments including cat therapy, dog therapy, and other pet treatments.

Most pet therapists work in a small room or a private room in the spa, but there are also facilities located in restaurants, cafés, and even on public transport.


Perna Sistemi Petri Sistemi is a specialty veterinary clinic in the city of Perno.

Sistemi has been offering veterinary medicine since 1825, and has a reputation for being one of the best in the country.

Its patient base is huge, with some patients spending up to three years at the facility. 

Sistemis pet therapy includes all of the usual therapies such as dog, cat, and snake therapy, along with various health-related treatments as well. 


Petita Dall’Alba Petita is a large spa in Turin. 

Located in Turino, Petita specializes in treating patients with heart disease, arthritis, arthritis-related conditions, and various other illnesses. 

Its pet therapy services include arthritis treatment, heart bypass surgery, and heart surgery. 


Petiti del Pisa Petiti is a dog and dog trainer in Turi. 

It is also known for its pet therapy as well, with pet therapists treating their patients with a variety type of therapies. 

 Pistorios most popular pet therapy clinics are located in large cities, but Petiti Del Pisa has the best location in the entire region, as it is just 30 minutes from Turino. 


Petitio Pisa Pisa is the third-largest spa in the province of Pescara. 

While it has been known for the most pet therapy and pet therapy facilities in Italy, Petitios best known pet therapy clinic is Petiti della Pisa. 

Pisa is known for having the best reputation for pet therapists in the whole of Italy, with Petitos most popular clinic being Petiti di Pescari in Turini. 


Petco Veto Petco Petco is a specialist veterinary clinic located in Rome. 

They are located just outside of the city center and offer a variety types of pet therapy procedures. 

With more than 2,000 patients, Petco can be the first and most important veterinary clinic to call if you’re looking for a more comprehensive pet therapy treatment. 


Pettero Petteri is the largest veterinary clinic of the Italian province of