Which players have had the most ‘unfair’ matches?

We’re going to be taking a look at the players who have had some of the most un-fair matches in their careers, to determine which players have played the most games that should not have been played.

We will be analysing the number of points, shots, shots on goal and free-kicks received.

We have also included a few other statistics to help you decide which players are in your team and what type of team they are.

The first part of the analysis will be a look into the players’ record against other top-flight opposition, with the second part focusing on their record against lower-league opponents.

This analysis will include a look over their performance against teams with an average record of 5-5-3.

Players who have been in the top three or four English Premier League clubs have had an average of 20 points, whereas players who’ve been in their teams’ top three and four positions have had a combined average of 35 points.

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For a detailed breakdown of the statistics, we will also take a look through the history of each player, the results of their most recent games, their goal-scoring record and their assists record.

This article is part of our coverage of the Premier and European competitions.