FourFourMiles to the Sea of Blue

FourFour’s Mike Gannon has put the finishing touches on a new project.

FourFour’s Mike Gannon puts the finishing touch on a project.

Mike Gannan’s four-season epic, Sea of Blue, is about a young man who, having been stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, is forced to embark on a journey that will bring him face-to-face with his own family and friends.

Gannon’s adaptation of the novel by Robert Jackson Bennett (who co-wrote the novel with Gannon) has been described as a “tremendous departure” from the original novel and the first time we’ve seen the character of James Holden in a full-length adaptation.

While the novel has a great cast, Gannon says it’s about a family who can’t stand each other, and they’ll need to get along.

“I’ve said it many times that we want the audience to know, in this world, that James Holden’s family is not just his family, but that James is family,” Gannon tells FourFour.

It’s about James Holden coming to terms with the fact that there are some things about his family that he cannot tolerate. “

We also wanted the story to be a little less predictable, but it’s also got a little bit of a different tone.

And it’s been really fun. “

There are things that he can’t get past, and he’s not going to be able to forgive them, and that’s a big part of what we’re trying to do with this.”

And it’s been really fun.

I’m super excited.

It was very much a work in progress and we’ve had to work really hard to get it done.

It was a real pleasure to write it, and we’re very happy with the results.

The film will be directed by Scott Derrickson, who has worked on a number of films including Black Mass and Dead Man’s Shoes. 

Gannan has also revealed that he is interested in working on a television series for Disney XD.

He tells FourThatsWhyImRich that he’s been contacted by Disney, and there are “a few other projects” that have been in the works.

And it was an amazing opportunity to be involved with Disney XD and the opportunity to play James Holden on their show.

We’ve just got to wait and see how it plays out.

But if you’re looking for a new adventure, check out our four-star review of Sea of Green.