‘No way’: New Jersey lawmakers debate bills to ban dogs, cats from pets

PETE SPRINGFIELD — Lawmakers in New Jersey on Tuesday debated whether to ban pets from the state’s beaches and parks and said they would only consider it if the legislation was passed unanimously.

The bill that passed unanimously is intended to protect the environment and the welfare of New Jersey residents, but it is controversial because of its language and because it was signed into law in November by Gov.

Chris Christie.

It bans dogs, but does not mention cats, according to an aide.

The law was signed amid a national trend to ban cats and dogs from New Jersey beaches and other areas of the state.

Cats are often found in parks and other public spaces in New York and elsewhere.

Dogs are also banned.

Pets are allowed on beaches in New Hampshire and in the Catskill Mountains in New England, but in the rest of the U.S. they are prohibited.

New Jersey is one of four states that does not allow cats or dogs on beaches.

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