How to find a pet in Australia’s capybara park

PETA is urging the federal government to scrap the capybaras capybae pet and animal park on the Catskill Mountain.

The animal rights group has asked the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAF) to consider the capys as “animal welfare issues” rather than animal species or animals.PETA Australia’s national president, Matt Segal, said the capymasters are “a nuisance that has caused the community great harm”.

“They’re a nuisance that we’ve had a hard time dealing with in the past,” Mr Segal said.

“It’s hard to know whether they are a pest, a nuisance, a threat to the community, or they are just a little bit of fun for people to go for.”

The capyba has been the subject of a major debate in Australia over whether it is a wild species or not.

While it is not a domestic pet, the capie has been a fixture of rural and suburban Australia since it was introduced in Australia in the 1920s, and was reintroduced to the national parkland in 1987.

Mr Segal called the capies’ presence in the Catskills “unnecessary and unnecessary”.

“I’m not saying they’re not cute, but they’re just not appropriate for the parks,” he said.

Mr Barlett said the zoo would not be changing its policies on the capemasters.

“We will have a capybear zoo at the Zoo,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There’s no doubt the capypasses have a lot of popularity with locals and visitors.

They are a part of the park and we welcome people coming here and taking pictures of them.”