‘I’ve been to hell and back’: pet food company ‘absolutely devastated’ by pet deaths

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – Pet food maker PetSmart Inc is devastated by the deaths of at least six of its pet owners and is in talks with the owner of a dog in the U.S. pet food market to offer her one-time compensation for pet food she bought.

PetSmart said on Monday it is working with the Texas Department of State Health Services to offer one- time compensation to the dog’s owner, the first such offer made by the company in the state.

Pet owner Amanda Gault, of Houston, said she bought the dog and puppy from PetSmart at its PetSmart Pet Food store in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 24, two weeks after the dog died.

Gault, who has a dog, said her puppy was a Golden Retriever mix named Rani and that the puppy was not given enough food for him.

She said she had a vet check on the dog, but the vet couldn’t find any problems.

Gaults sister, Jennifer Mays, also bought the puppy from the store.

She also said her brother bought the pup from Pet Smart in January, but did not have a vet.

Pet Smart, which has more than 1.6 million pets on its website, is one of the most recognizable names in the pet food industry, with brands like Snack Bars and Petco, as well as some smaller pet food companies.

Pet owners have become a growing source of controversy for pet companies, with some saying they buy pet food because they are concerned about their pets, and others saying they don’t want to buy the product because it is too expensive.

The company also has a history of selling pets to governments in China and the United States, which are accused of illegally slaughtering animals.

PetSmart has also been accused of violating animal welfare laws, but that accusation has not been proven.

The Texas Department for Health Services said in a statement that PetSmart is cooperating with its investigation.

The death of the puppy on Feb, 24, came a day after another dog died in Austin.

On Feb. 25, a man in the city of San Antonio, Texas was killed after a dog ate his own puppy.

PetSafe Inc, which sells pet food in Texas, said on Feb 24 that it was reviewing its pet food policies and was working with PetSmart to offer its customers a one-off compensation of $100 for pet-related deaths.

Pet Safe, which is owned by American Pet Products Inc, said the one-year compensation will be in addition to the $3,000 the company has already paid for pet related deaths in the past.

Pet Safety said it will continue to work with Pet Smart to help provide its customers with a quick, hassle-free solution.