How to treat a pet snake

PEST SHOCKS: The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that pet snakes have killed more than 200 people across Australia in the last 10 years. 

The statistics bureau found that the number of snakebite deaths is on the rise.

The most common snakes are rattlesnakes and black cobras, with a little over 1,000 recorded deaths from them.

Many of these snakes are believed to be feral, which can lead to them breeding in areas where they are not known to live.

Some of these can have venom in their saliva that is deadly to humans.

Rattlesnake bites are common in Australia, and they can be fatal.

Pets are not the only animal that can get bitten by snakes, and not all species are venomous.

A large number of reptiles, birds, mammals and fish can also be bitten by a snake.

According to the statistics bureau, snakes are also the second most common snake species, behind the black-footed ferret.

It is thought that snakes use their venom to attract mates, and sometimes to mate with other animals.

There are many species of snakes in Australia.

However, these are not included in the figures for pet snakes.

If you are bitten by an Australian pet snake, please contact a health practitioner immediately, as the venom can cause severe pain and even death.