‘I want to be an insurance agent’: Why Peter Green left the world of finance to become a pet insurer

By PETER GREEN | SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Pet insurance companies may be more expensive, but Peter Green is not looking to save money.

In fact, Green is paying a lot of money.

Green, 59, left the finance industry in 2013 to focus on pet insurance.

He now runs his own insurance company and has a pet policy in place for his beloved dog, a golden retriever named Pudge.

The golden retrievals are his business, and Green, who has two daughters, pays premiums for their care and vaccinations.

Green said he’s not paying too much for pet insurance because his main focus is on Pudge and the other dogs.

He said he pays a premium for the dog to insure against injury or illness for as much as $300 a day.

The cost of Pudge’s health insurance was $1,000 a day, Green said, because his insurance policy requires a dog to be vaccinated at least once a year.

Green said he also pays $30 a month for vaccinations for the other pets in the family, and he said he makes $150 a month from the policy.

He also pays for Pudge to attend the vet for a routine checkup and a visit from a doctor every two weeks.

Green is the only person to buy pet insurance on the U.S. market and his policy covers the cost of vaccinations for any dog with a pet owner, pet-sitter, veterinarian or pet-food distributor in the household.

He says he has covered all of his pet insurance policies with one company, and the rest have all been purchased by other owners.

He hasn’t received any criticism from insurance companies about his policies.

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in many places around the country, including the Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington.

Some states have banned the industry.

In California, which has some of the strictest pet policies in the country and has the highest rates in the nation, pet insurance companies can charge as much or more than $400 a day for vaccinations.

Pet owners pay $2,000 for a policy and pay $300 for vaccinations, according to state figures.

That is about half of the $400 for vaccinations and half of what Petco is charging for Puke.

Pudge’s vaccinations cost Petco $1.5 million, according the company’s website.

The other $400 goes to Pudge, $300 to the insurance company, $1 million to Green’s insurance company.

Green’s Petco policy covers dogs with a dog-sitting or pet food distributor, pet owners and pet-service employees.

Petco also covers dogs and cats in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland.

Petco said its policy covers all breeds of dogs, including those with “small” dogs.

The company does not provide data about which breeds of pets are covered, or the cost for vaccinations if a pet has a disability or health condition.