‘You’re Fired’: Inside the firing of the most hated man in America

In February 2017, the man who was dubbed “Penthouse Pets” had a huge moment.

His name was Bobbie Gage.

Gage was fired by Bobbie’s ex-husband, Tom Dolan, and was the first man fired by his ex-wife, the now-dead Dolan.

“You’re fired!”

Gage yelled from his front door as he was told he’d be fired from his job as an animal caretaker.

He was fired after the Dolans’ divorce.

But after months of soul-searching, Bobbie and Tom had come to an understanding: Bobbie wanted to be a vet, Tom wanted to get a second career.

They both decided they could not live without each other, and they decided to work together to get that done.

Gacy and Gage met on the set of the popular television show “The Price Is Right” in 1991, and the couple married two years later.

They shared a house in Westchester County and moved to the Bay Area in 1993.

“It’s always been a big part of our family life,” Bobbie said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“We’ve been together for 35 years.

We have children.

We were together for 25 years.

It’s always felt like this big family.”

Tom’s life was a constant struggle.

The Dolanns divorced in 1997.

They separated again in 2005.

But they kept in touch through email, texting, and online.

“My life is a mess, and you’re still here,” Gage wrote Tom in July 2018.

“I love you and you are my best friend.

I hope you can forgive me.

You deserve better.”

Tom responded: “You have been my bestest friend.

You have been an inspiration and you have taught me so much.

I love you.

We’re gonna make it work.”

Bobbie, who worked at a hospital in West Covina, Calif., started working at a hospice in 2013.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014 and spent the next three years fighting the disease before finally dying on Dec. 14, 2019.

“There is nothing you can do to heal this.

It is all in your hands.

You will never be the same,” Tom said in a video posted on her website.

“When you are finally home, your soul will be forever changed.”

Bobbi and Tom’s marriage came to an end in 2015 after a year-long divorce.

Tom, who died at 91 in September 2018, was known for having a difficult relationship with grief and grief-stricken family members.

“Bobbie was a true hero, and I will always be grateful to her,” Dolan said in the statement.

“Her strength and love for the family and the pets she cared for has meant a great deal to all of us in our lives and the world.”

Bobbies love of animals, especially dogs, began as early as age five.

“She was very much an animal lover and loved dogs,” her daughter, Michelle, said.

“One of her favorite things was dogs.

She had a very big dog, and she would take it out and get her nails done.

She loved to be out playing with her dog, just being with her little dog.”

Bobby’s pet love began with her grandmother.

“They would take her out to the dog park,” Michelle said.

At home, Bobbies family members included her father, her brother, her sister, her niece and her nephews.

Bobbie is survived by her parents, brothers and cousins.

“To all of the people who love and cared for Bobbie: You will be missed,” Tom Danko said in her statement.