How to handle pet carriers and catchers

A pet carrier and catcher can be a huge pain to clean and keep in place.

Here are some tips for those who are trying to handle them.


Clean and dry the carrier and its contents thoroughly 2.

Don’t allow the carrier to be left unsupervised 3.

Wash the carrier in a sink full of water or dishwasher 4.

Wash thoroughly before touching the carrier 5.

Always use a catheter that is small enough to be easily removed from the carrier 6.

Never leave the carrier unattended.

Do not use it to clean pets, do not use to clean hair or clothing.


Keep the carrier closed to prevent scratching or scratching the skin.


Keep any clothing that has been folded or placed on the carrier as it is, if it is exposed to the sun, to dry thoroughly.


Keep in mind that the carrier is not going to be clean and dry when you first use it.

A cat carrier is a great way to keep your pet clean and safe.

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